Marianne Zandersen | Environmental Economist and Policy Analyst

Publications & Reports

Corresponding Author of Reports & Studies:

Zandersen, M., K. Braaten, and H. Lindhjem (2009), Payment for and Management of Ecosystem Services - Issues in a Nordic Context, Nordic Council of Ministers. TemaNord 2009:571. ISBN: 978-92-893-1932-4

Zandersen, M. and R.S.J. Tol (2009), A Meta-analysis of Forest Recreation Values in Europe. Journal of Forest Economics, Volume 15, Issues 1-2, January 2009, Pages 109-130.

Zandersen, M., M. Termansen, and F.S. Jensen (2007), Testing Benefits Transfer of Forest Recreation Values over a 20-year time Horizon, Land Economics 83(3).

Zandersen, M., M. Termansen, and F.S. Jensen (2007), Evaluating Approaches to Predict Recreation Values of New Forest Sites, Journal of Forest Economics, Volume 13, Issues 2-3, 6 August 2007, Pages 103-128. doi:10.1016/j.jfe.2007.02.003

Zandersen, M., M. Termansen, F.S. Jensen, and L. Trier (2007), Værdisætning af Friluftsliv i Offentlige Skovrejsningsprojekter. Dansk Skovbrugs Tidsskrift, 92(2), pp41-61.

Zandersen, M., M. Termansen, and F.S. Jensen (2006), Værdisætning af Friluftsliv i Offentlige Skovrejsningsprojekter - Teknisk Rapport, Skov- og Naturstyrelsen.

Zandersen, M. (2005), Valuing Forest Recreation in Europe: Time and Spatial Considerations. Ph.D. Thesis, Hamburg University.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting Approaches - Equity Basis or Management Control, ERM, July 2002.

Integrating Environmental Sustainability into LEADER+ : 14 Case Studies from Europe, Countryside Council for Wales , June 2002.

Environmental Targets - An Assessment with the Sixth Environmental Action Programme and STAR, European Environment Agency , June 2002.

Ringkøbing Regional Retail Business Planning Regulation. Regional Environment Agency, Ringkøbing County, Denmark , August 2000.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Carbon Sequestration in Europe, European Commission, DG Environment, June 1998.

Co-Author of Reports:

Bartczak, A., Lindhjem, H., Navrud, S., Zandersen, M., ?ylicz, T. (2008) Valuing forest recreation on the national level in a transition economy: The case of Poland. Forest Policy and Economics, Volume 10, Issues 7-8, October 2008, Pages 467-472

Termansen, M., Zandersen, M., McClean, C.J., (2008) Spatial substitution patterns in forest recreation: An application of mixed logit models and GIS simulation. Regional Science and Urban Economics, Volume 38, Issue 1, January 2008, Pages 81-97. doi:10.1016/j.regsciurbeco.2008.01.006

Valuing the Environment in the North East of England, ERM, June 2001.

The Environmental Economy of the East Midlands, East Midlands Development Agency and Regional Partners, ERM, February 2002.

The Environmental Economy of Yorkshire & the Humber, Yorkshire Forward, Countryside Agency and Regional Partners, ERM, April 2002.

Environmental Economy of the Rural Regeneration Zone of the West Midlands, Environment Agency, Advantage West Midlands and Partners in the RRZ, ERM, September 2002.

Post Offices and Community Needs in Rural and Deprived Urban Areas, Postcomm, ERM, September 2001.

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